New exhibition coming up!

My next exhibition will be in just 2-3 weeks now – at the Müszi, at Blaha Luiza Square, Budapest, on Thursday November 20th at 6.00 pm. The exhibition will be opened by Egyed László.

I will be showing a larger number of pieces, both recent and older, than I did at the Ékezet Gallery.

The title of the Exhibition is ‘Here and Now’ and I will be showing mainly newer and more recent compositions, alongside a few older works. The exhibition is meant to show how some of the techniques I have worked on have evolved in terms of style, up to the present. I work using materials ranging from acrylic to wax, metal foil and glass fragments, creating further layers of complexity over reflective surfaces.

And I am delighted to be getting the opportunity to show my work againl.

2 thoughts on “New exhibition coming up!

  1. mmLynda Stevens Post author

    Hi Arpy

    No, that was a blog entry for November 2014. I am still looking for exhibition opportunities this year. There may be one or two group shows coming up and I will send out a newsletter as soon as there is news




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