Orfű virtual exhibition

After having already been asked to exhibit in two previous annual group exhibitions in Orfű, I as offered a solo exhibition at the municipal hall.

We pencilled in November for a Friday opening in the first part of the month, and on the Monday before I packed just over 40 works and travelled there on an InterCity train, to be met by the organiser and his car, Bela Halmos.

However upon arrival I was then flatly told: ‘there will be no exhibition.’ ‘there will be no opening on Friday.’

A new lockdown due to the pandemic had just been announced. If I had waited till the next day, which I couldn’t, I could have avoided this embarrassment.

However, the staff were at least wrong about the first statement: the exhibition did go ahead, it is still there, as I write in March. It is just that no one is allowed to see it.

However, a link was put up to the exhibition as well as to each individual work on Facebook, and can still be viewed here:

Most of the works of my most recent, that is from between 2016 and 2019. They are mixed-media collages on canvas, using geometrical shapes such as squares and triangles, layered over with other colours, often gold, silver or copper.

The promise is that there will be a finissage opening if once the pandemic – it it ever does – come to an end.

In the meantime, my work has moved on, and soon I will be posting some new images that build on what I have done before.

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