About the Author

Originally from the UK I have been living and working on a freelance basis in Budapest, Hungary since 2000, after first having worked here as a teacher in 1996. The link to my artist statement can be found here.

I originally graduated with a degree in English/Italian literature from the University of Warwick in 1981 – at a time where there were 500 graduates to 1 job. As a result my career took a rather more circuitous route than otherwise – this did include devoting a lot more time to the creative path. I had been drawing a series of intensely patternistic colour drawings from the age of 19, on a purely self-taught basis, in a style that had been likened to ‘outsider art.’ However, in the mid 1980’s I did  also attend two two-year, part-time courses. The first involved a diploma in drawing and painting at the Leamington College of FE, Leamington Spa, where I was introduced to the rigours of life drawing, still-life drawing and painting, alongside having the opportunity to experiment with a much wider range of media including etching, airbrush painting, charcoal and acrylics. The second course lead to a certificate in Craft Materials from Coventry University, where media ranging from metal to ceramics and textiles were explored. After finishing this course, I started working increasingly with found objects, ranging from broken glass to polystyrene.

Nowadays my artwork consists of abstract mixed-media collage pieces, some on paper, using a bastardised marbling technique, onto which squares or triangles of other materials are added.  Canvas or board are also used to create other, bigger compositions using glass fragments, treated fabric, polystyrene, metal foil and wax. In both cases, my aim is to create highly textured pieces that capture light through the interplay of opaque and  reflective surfaces, so that many of my completed works will present a very different impression on the viewer, depending on how they are viewed. Recently, this work was discussed and written about as part of a thesis by Adrienn Demeter, which can be read here.

The colour drawings shown here make use of the language of pattern and colour.

Slides of two sketchbooks, created for the Sketchbook Project based on Brooklyn New York can also be viewed on Sketchbook Project.

Catalogues of  works involving larger mixed-media pieces, of a series of  colour collage compositions, alongside a more recent one showing  gold-painted textural collage pieces on paper can be ordered the Blurb website.

Finally, perhaps one of the most important achievements to come out  form these varied creative endeavours – in addition to a substantial collection of large mixed-media compositions on board as well as the collections of coloured drawings and mixed-media collages – was the creation of a full 78-deck of tarot cards, along with a 40 000 booklet, which took 10 years to complete. Recently each card has been edited and some samples, along with some more information about them, can be seen here.


Group Exhibition of the Drawing Artists Group, organised by Peter Fekete, at the APA / Ateliers Pro Arts Art Center / A.P.A.Galéria, Budapest, Hungary Horánszky Utca 5.

The Golden Thread: Solo Exhibition at the Corinthia Hotel Gallery, Király Utca  43-48, November 2018.

Fény és Sötétség (Light and Darkness: Solo Exhibition at the Jaschik Almos Szakközépiskola,  April 2018.

Vad Kiállítás: Exhibition of Wild Artists, October 2017-January 2019.

These take place monthly at different venues within the city, usually at ruin pubs and are one-nightly, featuring works if both local and foreign artists.

Cafe Vian March 2016, newer works hosted for one month.

Váci Utca 48 Galéria: Group exhibition of life drawing works and assorted pieces, organised by Peter Fekete.

Kredenc Bisztró, Rottenbiller Utca November 2015, hosted via MoMo, ‘Pearl of Great Price’s solo exhibition of recent works.

Müszi Cultural Centre Blaha Luiza Square 1 Budapest, November 27 2014: ‘Now and Then’ titled solo exhibition of larger mixed-media works.

Ékezet Galéria Hajos Utca 41, 12 September 2013 Budapest: Golden Topographies Solo Exhibition – presenting a collection of new mixed-media pieces on canvas as well as on paper.

Group exhibition at several venues with the ‘A Duna Az Jön’ exhibition, aimed to raised charity for the damage done by flooding from the Danube in 2013.

Gozsdu Udvar, Café Vian Budapest, solo exhibition via Arteon.hu – subsequently this work was shown at several other venues within the city via this organisation.

Picasso Point Kavézó, solo exhibition July 2010, mixed-media Pieces via the Memento Mori Foundation.

‘Regeneration’ Solo Exhibition at the Peter Mansfield Gallery, Budapest XX1, Hungary, June 2009.

Budapest Művelődési Központ District 11: ‘Pearl in the Oyster’ Solo exhibition of mixed-media pieces, July 1998.

Vác: Solo exhibition of current works at the Vác Gallery, Budapest, 2002.

Brighton: Bear Cave Gallery, participating in several group exhibitions from 1994-1996.

Coventry: took part and exhibited in several group exhibitions with the Hillfields Artist’s Group from 982-1992. Two solo exhibitions at the Spon Street Art Shop Gallery, Coventry: ‘Vistas,’ 1989, ‘Magma’ 1992.

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