Making Headway

For new visitors to my site, I would like to welcome you!

I have uploaded several works to each of my Works sections. These include my Larger mixed-media works, my paper collage pieces, colour drawings and life drawings.


At the moment, Life Drawing is at a bit of a hiatus, but I hopeto resume with that soon. After this weekend, I hope to bring you more news about what is happening in Budapest reagarding group exhibitions with which I have been involved recently.

4 thoughts on “Making Headway

  1. Moira

    Fabulous, Lynda !!!

    Simple, classic format that’s as straightforward as you ! I’ve never seen your life studies before ~ a whole other side of your talent.

    You’ve beat me to my next WordPress website, but I’m motivated now ! Thanks for your permission to use your work for future articles there.

    Question: Do the followers of your FB page automatically sync with this one when you choose the FB plug-in; then automatically get notifications from here ? I’m such a techno-chrone !

    1. mmLynda Stevens Post author

      Hi Moira

      Thanks for the great feedback – not sure if this does sync automatically with my FB page – have to look into that


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